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Friendly Fire Dice Towers

A friend of the Friendly Fire team have been kind enough to produce a small series of hand-made quality dice towers according to our drawings.


The towers are completely lined with rubber foam, which make them very silent. They are fast and the walls are low enough to allow your opponent to see the result from across the table, but high enough to prevent frequent jump-outs. The towers break into two parts; a tray and then the tower itself.

The towers are designed for 13 mm (1/2 inch) precision dice, but also work well with the regular ASL dice.

There are three different versions of the towers. The first version - Ausführung A - is 180 mm (~ 7 inch) tall and have three shelves. This tower type has a slight problem with jump-outs (about 1/20 rolls), and the craftmanship while good is not as high-quality as the other towers.

Ausführung B towers were made lower and measures 160 mm (~ 6 inch) and suffers only very few jump-outs.

An Ausführung C tower is 200 mm (~ 8 inch). It fits an additional shelf compared to the first two versions, the shelves are closer within the tower, and the exit is slightly lower. Jump-outs are very rare.

We have been using a variety of different wood and foam colors. The wood surface is treated with Osmo hard wax oil.

Available Towers

These are the dice towers we have in stock today. Each of the sections below describes a particular tower (ie there is only one of each kind).

Shipping to Sweden is 155 SEK (~17 USD), to Europe 355 SEK (~40 USD), and 393 SEK (~44 USD) to the rest of the world.

Contact us if you are interested.

Id: 14
Type: C
Wood: Walnut
Foam: Yellow
Price: SOLD