Anders Olsson

Rating: 1206

OpponentScenarioTournamentRoundResultRating Change
Tomas VestelindFrF86 Belgian TigersFriendly Fire 20174Loss-18
Lars-Robert GregorssonFrF88 Panzer ShieldFriendly Fire 20173Loss-12
Andreas CarlssonFrF91 Moonlight DriveFriendly Fire 20172Loss-5
Melvin FalkFrF89 Red Tears Shed on GreyFriendly Fire 20171Loss-2
Tomas VestelindFrF70 An Estonian InterludeFriendly Fire 20144Loss-16
Christoffer StrandFrF73 SledgehammersFriendly Fire 20143Loss-10
Tomas DavidssonFrF71 Pulling OutFriendly Fire 20142Loss-12
Melvin FalkFrF72 The Mubo DecisionFriendly Fire 20141Loss-3
Anders LandFrF66 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue SeaFriendly Fire 20135Loss-19
Göran AnderssonFrF64 No Time to BleedFriendly Fire 20134Loss-20
Tomas TuressonFrF63 MaximumFriendly Fire 20132Loss-21
Melvin FalkFrF61 Make Way for the KingFriendly Fire 20131Loss-5
Håkan IsakssonFrF54 KNIL before the EmperorFriendly Fire 20115Loss-23
Michael Hastrup-LethFrF59 Capital PunishmentFriendly Fire 20114Loss-8
Tomas TuressonFrF55 Forsthaus ClashFriendly Fire 20113Win21
Klas MalmströmFrF58 Order 831Friendly Fire 20112Loss-5
Peter StruijfFrF53 Raid into the ReichFriendly Fire 20111Loss-6
Sami LukkarinenFrF34 The Jagdtiger TheoryStockholm Tournament 20105Loss-20
Patrik GynnestamSA3 Storm from the North Stockholm Tournament 20104Loss-13
Tomas DavidssonSV12 Trap by Mishap Stockholm Tournament 20103Win26
Michel BongiovanniJ103 Lenin's Sons Stockholm Tournament 20102Loss-15
Patrik ManligSV9 Mexico and Morocco Stockholm Tournament 20101Loss-10
Fredrik EwersJ37 Tretten in Flames Stockholm ASL 20095Loss-21
Stefan Nilsson96 The Crux of Calais Stockholm ASL 20094Loss-18
Christoffer PeyreAP33 Second Cristot Stockholm ASL 20093Loss-27
Martin LundgrenA25 Cold Crocodiles Stockholm ASL 20092Win15
Andreas CarlssonPBP19 House of Pain Stockholm ASL 20091Loss-17
Håkan IsakssonFrF23 Elephants UnleashedStockholm ASL 20085Win12
Patrik GynnestamJ111 Prussia in Flames Stockholm ASL 20084Loss-20
Erik LeanderJ29 The Capture of Balta Stockholm ASL 20083Loss-28
Martin SvärdFrF12 The Fields of Black GoldStockholm ASL 20082Loss-14
Sami LukkarinenFrF20 Adolf's AmateursStockholm ASL 20081Win20