Michael Hastrup-Leth

Rating: 1664

OpponentScenarioTournamentRoundResultRating Change
Christoffer StrandFrF76 Pain in the NeckFriendly Fire 20141Win13
Lars OlssonFrF71 Pulling OutFriendly Fire 20142Win10
Klas MalmströmFrF73 SledgehammersFriendly Fire 20143Win25
Melvin FalkFrF75 Goodbye BrotherFriendly Fire 20144Loss-17
Andreas LarssonFrF61 Make Way for the KingFriendly Fire 20131Win16
Göran AnderssonFrF65 War EnsembleFriendly Fire 20132Win7
Melvin FalkFrF66 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue SeaFriendly Fire 20133Loss-15
Andreas CarlssonFrF64 No Time to BleedFriendly Fire 20134Win21
Erik LeanderFrF68 A Hasty FarewellFriendly Fire 20135Win14
Erik LeanderFrF57 Warsaw in FlamesFriendly Fire 20111Loss-27
Melvin FalkFrF58 Order 831Friendly Fire 20112Win27
Klas MalmströmFrF55 Forsthaus ClashFriendly Fire 20113Loss-16
Anders OlssonFrF59 Capital PunishmentFriendly Fire 20114Win8
Andreas LarssonFrF53 Raid into the ReichFriendly Fire 20115Loss-27