Pär Nilsson

Rating: 1466

OpponentScenarioTournamentRoundResultRating Change
Göran AnderssonFrF20 Adolf's AmateursFriendly Fire 20072Win15
Claes-Erik Rydberg84 Round One Friendly Fire 20054Loss-13
Martin SvärdFrF5 The Valley of DeathFriendly Fire 20053Loss-14
Tobias EliassonSP48 Orlik and the Uhlans Friendly Fire 20052Win12
Melvin FalkAP7 Directive Number Three Friendly Fire 20051Loss-14
Andreas CarlssonPBP9 Last Roundup Friendly Fire 20043Loss-20
Tomas DavidssonG1 Timoshenko's Attack Friendly Fire 20042Win20
Matts Dagerhäll105 Going to Church Friendly Fire 20041Loss-20