Patrik Manlig

Rating: 1542

OpponentScenarioTournamentRoundResultRating Change
Anders OlssonSV9 Mexico and Morocco Stockholm Tournament 20101Win10
Erik LeanderJ103 Lenin's Sons Stockholm Tournament 20102Loss-26
Matts DagerhällSV13 Rather Uncoordinated Stockholm Tournament 20103Win15
Robert AnderssonSA4 With Burning Liquid Stockholm Tournament 20104Loss-24
Patrik GynnestamFrF44 Anhalt PandemoniumStockholm Tournament 20105Loss-21
Jacob MörlinPBP19 House of Pain Stockholm ASL 20091Win7
Martin SvärdA25 Cold Crocodiles Stockholm ASL 20092Loss-14
Robert MaglicaAP33 Second Cristot Stockholm ASL 20093Win20
Melvin Falk96 The Crux of Calais Stockholm ASL 20094Loss-12
Erik LeanderFrF19 About His Shadowy SidesStockholm ASL 20081Win7
Olle GustafssonFrF12 The Fields of Black GoldStockholm ASL 20082Loss-28
Robert Maglica113 Liberating Bessarabia Stockholm ASL 20083Loss-26
Jacob MörlinJ111 Prussia in Flames Stockholm ASL 20084Win9