Robert Maglica

Rating: 1526

OpponentScenarioTournamentRoundResultRating Change
Asad RustumFrF66 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue SeaFriendly Fire 20193Win12
Christian LindbergFrF69 To AshesFriendly Fire 20192Loss-29
Matts DagerhällFrF44 Anhalt PandemoniumFriendly Fire 20191Loss-31
Lars ThuringFrF38 WunderwagenFriendly Fire 20095Loss-17
Stefan NilssonFrF36 Newborn PartisansFriendly Fire 20094Win17
Erik LeanderFrF40 Sporck's ElevenFriendly Fire 20093Win14
Melvin FalkFrF39 No Country for Old MenFriendly Fire 20092Loss-10
Olle GustafssonSV6 Norwegian EdelweissStockholm ASL 20095Loss-17
Daniel Qvarfordt96 The Crux of Calais Stockholm ASL 20094Win19
Patrik ManligAP33 Second Cristot Stockholm ASL 20093Loss-20
Jacob MörlinHS30 The Good Shepherd Stockholm ASL 20092Win7
Erik LeanderPBP19 House of Pain Stockholm ASL 20091Win14
Sean MorrisFrF32 The Hellenic ExpeditionFriendly Fire 20085Win15
Lars ThuringFrF25 Yasuoka's Tank ExperienceFriendly Fire 20084Loss-17
Melvin FalkFrF26 A Polish RequiemFriendly Fire 20083Loss-12
Patrik HyvärinenFrF34 The Jagdtiger TheoryFriendly Fire 20082Win29
Linus KruusmägiFrF30 Bidermann's EscapeFriendly Fire 20081Win18
Daniel QvarfordtFrF23 Elephants UnleashedStockholm ASL 20085Win21
Klas Malmström136 The Agony of Doom Stockholm ASL 20084Loss-18
Patrik Manlig113 Liberating Bessarabia Stockholm ASL 20083Win26
Johan SahlinSP20 The Slaughter at Krutik Stockholm ASL 20082Loss-14
Asad RustumJ105 Borodino Train Station Stockholm ASL 20081Win20
Matts DagerhällFrF23 Elephants UnleashedFriendly Fire 20074Win21
Klas MalmströmFrF19 About His Shadowy SidesFriendly Fire 20073Loss-18
Erik LeanderFrF20 Adolf's AmateursFriendly Fire 20072Win14
Melvin FalkFrF24 Forging SpetsnazFriendly Fire 20071Loss-14
Johan SahlinFrF12 The Fields of Black GoldFriendly Fire 20064Loss-13
Staffan ThorénFrF9 The Abbeville BridgeheadFriendly Fire 20063Win15
Daniel QvarfordtFrF13 Knives to a GunfightFriendly Fire 20062Loss-22
Pelle NilssonFrF16 Last OrdersFriendly Fire 20061Win10
Martin SvärdFrF2 Maczek Fire BrigadeFriendly Fire 20054Loss-15
Melvin FalkTAC54 In the Name of RomeFriendly Fire 20053Loss-16
Mattias RönnblomFrF7 To Have and To HoldFriendly Fire 20052Win19
Tobias EliassonFrF6 A Hundred RoundsFriendly Fire 20051Win11
Melvin FalkJ59 Friday the 13th Friendly Fire 20033Win27
Janusz MaxeSP20 The Slaughter at Krutik Friendly Fire 20031Loss-20