Tomas Davidsson

Rating: 1417

OpponentScenarioTournamentRoundResultRating Change
Christian LindbergFrF89 Red Tears Shed on GreyFriendly Fire 20171Win26
Melvin FalkFrF91 Moonlight DriveFriendly Fire 20172Loss-4
Göran AnderssonFrF88 Panzer ShieldFriendly Fire 20173Win16
Fredrik EwersFrF86 Belgian TigersFriendly Fire 20174Loss-21
Bo SiemsenFrF76 Pain in the NeckFriendly Fire 20141Loss-6
Anders OlssonFrF71 Pulling OutFriendly Fire 20142Win12
Derek WardFrF74 Out of Their ElementFriendly Fire 20143Loss-13
Christoffer StrandFrF70 An Estonian InterludeFriendly Fire 20144Loss-17
Martin SvärdSV9 Mexico and Morocco Stockholm Tournament 20101Loss-6
Melvin FalkJ103 Lenin's Sons Stockholm Tournament 20102Loss-7
Anders OlssonSV12 Trap by Mishap Stockholm Tournament 20103Loss-26
Ola NygårdsSA4 With Burning Liquid Stockholm Tournament 20104Loss-22
Tomek KucharskiFrF44 Anhalt PandemoniumStockholm Tournament 20105Loss-14
Martin SvärdFrF30 Bidermann's EscapeFriendly Fire 20081Loss-9
Markus TångringFrF33 Under the Northern LightFriendly Fire 20082Win17
Christoffer PeyreFrF27 Cocktails for MolotovFriendly Fire 20083Win14
Hennie van der SalmFrF31 Pursuing FrankFriendly Fire 20084Win24
Andreas CarlssonFrF32 The Hellenic ExpeditionFriendly Fire 20085Win24
Staffan Thorén105 Going to Church Friendly Fire 20041Loss-27
Pär NilssonG1 Timoshenko's Attack Friendly Fire 20042Loss-20
Johan Sjökvist107 Tettau's Attack Friendly Fire 20043Loss-24