ASL Scenarios and Wargaming Tournaments

Friendly Fire ASL Tournament


Friendly Fire is an Advanced Squad Leader tournament held on 8-10 September 2017 in Linköping, Sweden.

The tournament is a swiss-style four round tournament. Each player get three points for a win, and one point for a loss. The player with the most points wins. In cases where the players have the same number of points, the player who lost his/her first game latest in the tournament wins. If two players have the same number of points and lost their first scenarion in the same round, the are ordered on the average rating of the opponents they've met during the tournament. Friendly Fire use ELO-style ratings with K=40.

The current ratings and the tournament results for years 2003-2015 can be found here.

Friendly Fire ASL tournament attendence is free of charge.

Rounds and Scenarios

For each round there are two scenarios to choose from. All scenarios are from Friendly Fire Pack 11.

All participants in the tournament will have an opportunity to receive draft versions (in digital format) of the scenarios on 8 August.

To play any scenario in the pack, you need to bring these boards: 1, 14, 23, 32, 33, 34, 42, 43, 61, 63, 66, 68, 71, 1a/b, FrFA and v. Nationality-wise you need: German, French, Allied Minor, British, American, Russian, Japanese and Axis Minor. . The overlays needed are: O1, O2, O4, OG2, OG5, P1, P3, X9, X11, X13, X14, X15, X21.

Round 1
Friday 17.00 - 24.00
FrF89 Red Tears Shed on Gray Russian-Rumanian 1, 71 O4, X21, X15
FrF85 Junkers Junkyard Dutch-German 1b, 14, 43 X14
Round 2
Saturday 08.30 - 16.00
FrF92 Arms Race British-German 23, 71, FrFA OG2
FrF91 Moonlight Drive American-Japanese 61, v
Round 3
Saturday 18.00 - Saturday 24.00
FrF90 Speed is the Essence of War British-Japanese 32, 34, 66 OG5, P1, P3
FrF88 Panzer Shield German-Russian 33, FrFA
Round 4
Sunday 08.30 - 14.00
FrF87 Belgian Tigers Belgian-German 23, 68 O1, O2, X9, X11, X13
FrF86 Mormal Forest German-Russian 42, 63


Players with equal number of points will be playing each other (to the extent possible). If there are more than two players at a given score, pairing is done arbitrarily by the tournament director, taking into account when in time opponents are available, but also trying to avoid having players play their regular opponents.

The top priority of the pairing is to have a smooth running operation with the minimum waiting time for the players, while avoiding having regular opponents play each other.

Scenario Selection

At the start of the tournament each player receives ten "scenario points" (SPs). Each player secretly designates one of scenarios in the current round as his preferred choice and spends 0-10 SPs (which are permanently lost) on it. If the players have bid on different scenarios, the one with most SPs is played. If the players bid on different scenarios and spent the same amount of SPs, they each make a DR, and whoever rolls the lowest gets to play his choice.

Side Selection

Friendly Fire uses the Australian Balance System (ABS) with secret bidding.

With the ABS, each scenario have eight levels of handicap; level 0-3 for each side. Each player secretly chooses a side and a handicap level. Upon revealing their bids, one of three things can happen:

  • The players have bid on different sides. Both players play the side and use the handicap level they bid.
  • The players have bid on the same side with different handicap levels. Whoever bid the highest level gets to play that side, and the other player is treated as if he'd bid at the other side at handicap level 0.
  • The players have bid on the same side with the same handicap level. Each player rolls a DR, and the player rolling the lowest gets to play the side and handicap he bid, the other player is treated as if he'd bid at the other side at handicap level 0.


FrF85 Junkers Junkyard
G3Delete the three X14 overlay force '?'.
G2Delete the German 50* MTR.
G1Delete the German 2-3-8 HS.
D1Delete the Dutch LMG.
D2Replace the German 8-0 leader with a 9-1 leader.
D3Replace the German MMG with a HMG.
FrF86 Mormal Forest
G3Delete one German 4-6-7 squad.
G2Delete one German 8-0 leader.
G1Replace one French 4-5-7 squad with 4-5-8 squad.
F1Replace one French 4-5-8 squad with a 4-5-7 squad.
F2Replace the French 9-1 leader with a 7-0 leader.
F3Delete one French 4-5-7 squad.
FrF87 Belgian Tigers
G3Add one 4-5-7 squad to the Belgian reinforcements.
G2Replace the Belgian 8-0 leader with a 9-1 leader.
G1German SAN is 2.
B1Remove three '?' from the Belgian OB.
B2Replace one German 8-0 leader with a 9-1 leader.
B3Delete one 4-5-7 squad from the Belgian reinforcements.
FrF88 Panzer Shield
G3Delete the German 2-4-7 HS.
G2Delete the two German '?'.
G1German SAN is 2.
R1Russian SAN is 0.
R2Add one 2-3-7 HS to the initial German OB.
R3Replace the German LMG with a MMG.
FrF89 Red Tears Shed on Gray
Rum3Add a 5-2-7 to the Russian reinforcements.
Rum2Add a DC to the Russian reinforcements.
Rum1Add one LMG to the initial Russian OB.
R1Delete one Russian LMG.
R2Replace one 4-4-7 squad with a 4-2-6 squad.
R3Delete one Russian 4-2-6 squad.
FrF90 Speed is the Essence of War
B3Replace the Japanese MMG with a HMG.
B2Replace two 4-5-7 squads with one 4-5-8 squad in the intial British OB.
B1Delete the LMG from the British reinforcements.
J1The British AA guns have AP8.
J2Delete the LMG from the Japanse OB.
J3Replace two Japanese 4-4-8 squads with two 4-4-7 squads.
FrF91 Moonlight Drive
A3Add one 3-4-7 squad to the Japanese OB.
A2Replace one Japanese 3-4-7 squad with a 4-4-8 squad.
A1Add one LMG to the Japanese OB.
J1Replace one Japanese 4-4-8 squad with a 4-4-7 squad.
J2Replace one Japanese 4-4-8 squad with a 4-4-7 squad.
J3Delete one Japanese 3-4-7 squad.
FrF92 Arms Race
G3Delete the 4-4-7 squad from the German reinforcements.
G2Replace the German 9-1 leader with a 7-0 leader.
G1German SAN is 0.
B1German ELR is 3.
B2Add one PSK to the German Board 71 force.
B3Replace one German 2-3-8 HS with a 2-2-8 crew.

Handicap levels are cumulative. Thus, handicap level A3, for example, includes the A2 and A1 handicaps as well.

Draft Changes

Here's a (not necessarily complete) list of changes made to the draft scenarios, compared to what's going to be used at the tournament.

FrF85 Junkers Junkyard: One extra unbroken squad-equivalent is required by the VC. It also requires a squad-equivalent (not just a MMC) in a buildling ADJACENT to a runway hex. The Dutch may pick three groups. Truck blazed added in F10. OW1 overlay removed. Dutch 4-5-7 squad added.

FrF86 Mormal Forest: A SPW 251/9 is replaced by a 251/10.

FrF88 Panzer Shield: Manned functioning Guns count as a squad in the VC. The reinforcements may now set up on Board 33 in hexes numbered <= 3. Russian ELR is 3. Added MOL-P and 2-2-8 crew and replaced the Russians leaders with two 8-0 leaders. Added a Russian DC. Removed the Russian MMG.

FrF92 Arms Race: Daimler AC removed. Sherman added. 4-4-7 is replaced by 5-4-8. OG2 overlay removed. 2-3-8 HS and LMG added to bridge force. Only full-level obstacles yield a lower min range for the rockets.