ASL Scenarios and Wargaming Tournaments

Friendly Fire Pack 8

Friendly Fire Pack 8

Friendly Fire Pack 8 contains eight scenarios featured in the Friendly Fire 2013 ASL tournament.

Scenarios: 8
Year of Publication: 2013
Price: 110 SEK (~11 USD)
Average Scenario ROAR Recommendation: 6.4
Average Scenario ROAR Balance: 37% - 63%

FrF61 Make Way for the King


Hagevold farm, Dombås, Norway, april 16, 1940:
By Orders of the Führer.
Through mixed rain and snow.
Hunters from the Sky.
A plan naive.
Seven birds down.
An enemy prepared, equipped.
Surrounded, freezing to the bone.
The Northmen come again.
Making way for their King.

Designer: Mattias Rönnblom

ROAR Recommendation: 6.47
ROAR Record: German 17 (74%) - Norwegian 6 (26%)

Question: Per SSR 2, all buildings are single story, and thus have ground level Locations only. Building D10 is a split level building (D23.72). How do you move/advance between D10 and E11?
Answer: Use "bypass" as if a split level rowhouse (B23.721).

FrF62 Dryga Lärpengar


Lappvik, Hangö, Finland, juli 1, 1941:
An unwanted guest.
In the heart of Finland.
A probe.
Into a fortress abandoned.
The Reds rise.
Machineguns, wire, tanks in the woods.
The familiar now alien.
The easy now hard.

Designer: Mattias Rönnblom

ROAR Recommendation: 5.69
ROAR Record: Finnish 4 (25%) - Russian 12 (75%)

FrF63 Maximum


Gomel, Belarus, augusti 19, 1941:
A General to save his army.
Workers to save their city.
Last stand in Gomel.
Town square a fortress.
Screeching of tanks tracks, orders shouted.
At the height of the battle:
A Maxim maximal.

Designer: Mattias Rönnblom

ROAR Recommendation: 6.25
ROAR Record: German 4 (27%) - Russian 11 (73%)

FrF64 No Time to Bleed


Brusilov, Russia, november 20, 1943:
Manstein's countermove.
Hitler's bodyguard in the front.
Red Guards on the retreat.
Heavy cats against nimble T-34s.
In the Woods, in the Villages.
Much had the Red Army learned.

Designer: Pete Shelling

ROAR Recommendation: 6.45
ROAR Record: German 23 (40%) - Russian 34 (60%)

FrF65 War Ensemble


Mozzagrogna, Italy, november 28, 1943:
Infiltration push reserves.
Encircle the front lines.
Supreme art of strategy.
Playing on the minds.
Bombard into submission.
Take Gurkhas to their graves.


  • Peter Struijf
  • Chris Mazzei

ROAR Recommendation: 7.06
ROAR Record: British 21 (38%) - German 35 (62%)

FrF66 Betwen the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea


Liebstadt, East Prussia, Germany, januari 27, 1945:
In the most brutal of wars.
Backs to the Baltic Sea.
Through biting snowstorms.
Enemy lines must be broken through.
Liebstadt must be taken.

Designer: Mattias Rönnblom

ROAR Recommendation: 6.83
ROAR Record: German 23 (42%) - Russian 32 (58%)

FrF67 Collecchio


Collecchio, Italy, april 26, 1945:
An army in chaotic retreat.
General Fretter-Pico, victor of Sevastopol.
On the run, hurry to the North.
A quiet town by the river.
Armored cars clash.
The familiar bark of an 88,
brings a moment of hesitation.
The trap remains shut.


  • Peter Struijf
  • Chris Mazzei

ROAR Recommendation: 6.3
ROAR Record: Allied 30 (54%) - German 26 (46%)

Errata: SSR 3 says "A +1 Dusk LV Hindrance equal to Mist (E3.32) is in effect". Delete "+1".

Question: The scenario card specifies that only hexes west of the river are in play. There are pair of hexes such that LOS between them cross hexes that are not in play. Are such LOS blocked because of crossing such out-of-play hexes?
Answer: No.

Question: SSR 1 specifies that "all buildings are stone". Is the Lumberyard stone?
Answer: No.

Question: Per SSR 2, Printed stairwells do not exist. Which of the large round center dot (B31.3), the white square (B23.23) or the white cross (Steeple; B31.2) are considered Printed stairwells?
Answer: Only the white square is a Printed stairwell.

FrF68 A Hasty Farewell


Villa del Nevoso, Italy, april 28, 1945:
In land fought over for centuries.
British swords in Slavic hands.
Trained by the enemy's enemy.
Hunting the Hunters.
Four-barreled, fire-spitting ingenuity of desperation.
No quarter is asked, nor is quarter given.
A hasty farewell.
Trieste by nightfall.

Designer: Mattias Rönnblom

ROAR Recommendation: 6.54
ROAR Record: German 15 (48%) - Yugoslav 16 (52%)