ASL Scenarios and Wargaming Tournaments

BoF Changes

Below is a list of the non-trivial changes to the FrF scenarios republished in MMP's Best of Friends scenario pack. This is purely provided for your information, and is not to be considered errata.

FrF7 To Have and To Hold Vehicular Crews may not Voluntary Abandon their vehicles.
FrF9 The Abbeville Bridgehead One 4-5-7 squad is added to the French OB.
FrF12 The Fields of Black Gold The Russian HMG is replaced with a MMG and a Russian 4-4-7 with a 2-3-7.
FrF26 A Polish Requiem The FT-17Cs no longer have CMGs (as per MMP errata), and to compensate the Poles receive two extra 4-5-7 squads (one in each infantry group).
FrF21 Cavalry Brigade Model One 4-4-7 squad is added to the Russian OB.
FrF31 Pursuing Frank One 4-4-7 (with MC) are added to the Russian Turn 2 Reinforcements.