ASL Scenarios and Wargaming Tournaments

General Questions and Answers

Question: Why do you mentioned the Vehicular MGs on some (but not all) vehicles? How does your notation work?

Answer: We always include enough information on the counter to allow you to uniquely identify which vehicle and optional armament to use among those available in the counter mix. We never let D1.84 come into play, so if you think you have a choice between two or more MG combinations, odds are you have not understood our notation.

If one or more MGs are mentioned on a counter in a FrF scenario, the vehicle needs to have those MGs and as few as possible other MGs given the counter mix limitations.

EX: FrF22 Wunderwaffe calls for a KV-1 M41 with a "2FP AAMG". The KV-1 M41 counter with a 4FP CMG, 2FP BMG, 2FP RMG and a 2FP AAMG should be used (since there are no KV-1 M41 counter with an AAMG but anything less than the MG combo mentioned above in the counter mix).

EX: FrF18 Through Fire and Ice calls for two T-26S M37s with "4FP CMG". Two counters, each with a 4FP CMG and no other MG should be used, since there are such counters in the mix. The same scenario has another T-26S M37, but with a "2 FP RMG". The T-26S M37s with a 2FP RMG and the least number of other MGs is a T-26S M37 with a 4FP CMG and a 2FP RMG. That one should be used.

In retrospect, we should have chosen a simpler schema.

Question: Some Friendly Fire scenario OBs include SS squads not in the core system, without any specific SSRs attached. How are those to be treated?

Answer: Such squads have underlined Morale Factor and all provisions of A25.11 applies, including being elite class troops (even SS 4-4-7s) and having Assault Fire in 44-45. SS squad/HS counters from the various HASL featuring these squad types may be used. However, the HASL rules are not applicable.

Scenario Errata and Q&A

FrF3 The Swedish Voluntary Corps

Errata: On the initial version of this scenario the north arrow is pointing in the wrong direction. There are only very few left of these in circulations, and all cards sold after 2005-11-13 are updated and correct. If you happen to have faulty card, please contact us and we will send you a new scenario. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Incorrect Correct

FrF6 A Hundred Rounds

Errata: Add the following SSR: Bore Sighting is NA. As of 2005-11-13, this errata is included in a revised scenario card.

FrF12 The Fields of Black Gold

Question: May Mopping Up (A12.153) be used to secure the 18P7 hill?
Answer: No. The 18P7 is considered a building for Control (A26.14) purposes only. Even though Mopping Up gains Control it also has other effects (such as revealing HIP), and thus cannot be used.

FrF13 Knives to a Gunfight

Errata: The last sentence of SSR 1 should read: At the beginning of Game Turn 3 the Falling Snow (if any) stops and will not start again during the scenario. The old wording suggested the Ground Snow would go away on Game Turn 3, which was not the designer's intention.

FrF20 Adolf's Amateurs

Question: What happens if a SS 4-4-7/2-3-7 is subject to Unit Replacement?
Answer: An unbroken SS 4-4-7 which fails a MC with > ELR (3) is turned into two broken (but not disrupted) SS 2-3-7 HS. An unbroken SS 2-3-7 suffering the same fate is broken (but not disrupted).

The MMCs are SS (A25.11), and thus have underline morale. Units with underlined morale which are assigned ELR by SSR (which is the case here) suffers Unit Replacement normally (A19.132). However, a Unit Replacement requires a lesser Class (A19.13), and since the SS 4-4-7s are Green (per SSR) they are already at the bottom of the ladder. Such Units would normally be Disrupted (A19.12), but SS units vs Russians does not Disrupt (A25.11).

FrF24 Forging Spetsnaz

Question: Why do the Russians benefit from blowing bridges?
Answer: On the operational level, the aim is to cut the supply for the Kwantung Army fighting in Manchuria. On the tactical level, the Russian Spetsnaz recon force aim to hamper Japanese redeployment/reinforcements by cutting the bridges, either by their destruction or by covering them by fire. The massive Russian assault is yet to come when the scenario takes place.

FrF26 A Polish Requiem

Question: The Polish FT-17C counter (and the Chapter H depiction of the same) shows a 4 FP CMG, while the vehicle listing table suggests that this vehicle has no CMG. For the purpose of this scenario, should the FT-17Cs have a CMG?
Answer: Yes.

FrF27 Cocktails for Molotov

Question: What does the "3x Horse" counter mean?
Answer: A single horse counter with three horse depictions (ie capable of carrying a squad-equivalent; A13.32).

Question: May the burning wrecks be placed on Narrow Streets?
Answer: No. A Narrow Street hex is not a road hex, since the "road" in that hex is not the dominant terrain (B.1).

FrF30 Bidermann's Escape

Question: I don't have a SdKfz 10/5 counter. Is the SdKfz 10/5 suppose to be a SdKfz 10/4? Which module am I missing?
Answer: No. Armies of Oblivion (German Vehicle Note 88.1, page H171).

FrF31 Pursuing Frank

Question: Is the 9-1 Personnel Leader suppose to be an Armor Leader?
Answer: No. (Please note that the M3A1 Scout Cars have a HS each, and in addition, that a Personnel Leader can influence the M3A1 Scout Cars' MGs.)

FrF32 The Hellenic Expedition

Question: What happens if the Armored Cupola suffers a STUN (D5.431) result?
Answer: The Armored Cupola (D9.5) is considered the equivalent of an Immobile tank, and thus the crew will Abandon (D5.4) it.

FrF34 The Jagdtiger Theory

Question: What is the base level of overlay RR13's RR hexes? Are those hexes a Sunken RR (B32.1)? Do units in these hexes count for VC purposes?
Answer: Level 0. Yes. No (not even if they have Crest Status), only units in Hill hexes count.

FrF50 Pavlov's Dogs

Question: Can the A-T Mine Dogs be created as Reaction Fire? In the Russian Advance Phase too? During Advance Phase, in case there are multiple reachable targets, may the Russian player target any ADJACENT Vehicle?
Answer: Yes. Yes. Yes. All those aspects of the T-H Hero rules are not modified, and thus the AT Mine Dogs behave just like T-H Heroes.

Question: SSR3 specifies that a dog's target is determined by "randomly selecting one" vehicle. Should Random Selection (A.9) be employed, and if so what happens if multiple targets are selected?
Answer: Random Selection could be used, but then any ties needs to be rerolled. Whatever method, it should be random and only one target should come out.

FrF55 Forsthaus Clash

Errata: The StuG B is a StuG IIIB.

FrF61 Make Way for the King

Question: Per SSR 2, all buildings are single story, and thus have ground level Locations only. Building D10 is a split level building (D23.72). How do you move/advance between D10 and E11?
Answer: Use "bypass" as if a split level rowhouse (B23.721).

FrF67 Collecchio

Errata: SSR 3 says "A +1 Dusk LV Hindrance equal to Mist (E3.32) is in effect". Delete "+1".

Question: The scenario card specifies that only hexes west of the river are in play. There are pair of hexes such that LOS between them cross hexes that are not in play. Are such LOS blocked because of crossing such out-of-play hexes?
Answer: No.

Question: SSR 1 specifies that "all buildings are stone". Is the Lumberyard stone?
Answer: No.

Question: Per SSR 2, Printed stairwells do not exist. Which of the large round center dot (B31.3), the white square (B23.23) or the white cross (Steeple; B31.2) are considered Printed stairwells?
Answer: Only the white square is a Printed stairwell.

FrF71 Pulling Out

Question: Does rolling for Crew Survival count as an "action" per SSR 3?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does the T-34 in the German OB count toward the victory conditions?
Answer: No.

FrF77 Ghostbusters

Question: Does a Recalled (D5.341) Laffly W15T CCs exiting off along the south edge increase the German VP requirement?
Answer: Yes.

FrF78 No Glory in War

Errata: Neither side holds Control of hex FrFAJ5 and 62Y2 at scenario start (A26.11).

Question: If the Russian balance provisions are in effect, and there thus are not enough AFV portage capacity to fit all the German Personnel as Riders, may one German squad-equivalent be exempt from the requirement of being a Rider?
Answer: Yes.

FrF80 Breaking Bad

Question: Do prisoners escorted off board count toward the victory conditions?
Answer: Yes.

FrF90 Speed is the Essence of War

Question: Per SSR 5, British Guns and Infantry start the game pinned. May they still set up HIP/concealed?
Answer: Yes. (A PTC causes concealment loss, but units pinned [for other reasons] may well be HIP/concealed.)